Bobby Hart

Bobby Hart…half of the duo Boyce & Hart.  Last Train to Clarksville, I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone, Hurts So Bad, Valleri, The Monkees Theme and  I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight just to name a few hits.

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Spotlight on the Artist

With Paris Stachtiaris and Ben Brown

You know all about the music, but what about the artists that made the song a hit. What about the writer that wrote the lyrics or wrote the music. It takes a team to bring a song to to the listening world These are the stories of the people behind the “Hits”. 

Paris, will interview the artists and get the inside story on their life in the music industry, what they’re doing now and how they got to where they are today. The true stories of life behind the music will amaze you.

Henry Diltz

Official Photographer for the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.

Dean Friedman

More artists and their life stories are on the way. Check back often and tune into the best best ”Rock ’N’ Roll” on the 

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The Cyrkle

John Lennon sent a business card to Don Dannemann with a suggestion of a new name for the band. So they changed their name from “The Rhondells”  and became “The Cyrkle”.  Brian Epstein had become their manager and a Beatle had anointed them.  What a way to start your climb to stardom. 

Jeremy Clyde

Jeremy from the British duo “Chad & Jeremy” arrived with the British music invasion in the 1960’s.

Singer/Songwriter, Performer, Computer Game Inventor, Musical Instrument Creator, Dean Friedman does it all. One of our favorite people in the music industry. This is our recent 2 part Interview.

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“Ron Dante”

 The Voice of…

“Sugar, Sugar”

“Leader Of The Laundromat”


“Jingle Jangle”

and so much more.

Ron is the Star you didn’t know

with voice you’ve heard on hit songs, Commercials and Broadway ”

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