Cost Savings Offer


The HCS Radio Network

Special Offer For Terrestrial AM and FM Radio Stations

Times are tough and The HCS Radio Network has an offer that will drop your operational costs and still allow you to Broadcast Fantastic and Winning Programs to your listeners.  Plus HCS plays your local Station ID’s, Promos and Commercials. 

Never worry about the cost for announcers while HCS plays the best Country or Rock Music ever recorded.

Your station is still responsible for all BMI, ASCAP and all royalty cost. HCS will supply the weekly logs of songs played, with air times. 

Your Commercials,  Id’s, Promos etc are loaded into available time slots in the HCS Controller, located at your site. 

HCS requires 4 Min per hour to play network commercials.  PSA’s or Network Promos will be played during all breaks so there is no dead air. 

The HCS remote control unit will detect loss of feed from HCS and play an internal music list and continue to run your spots till the master feed is detected. Then control will be handed back to the HCS Studios.

Stream the hours you want. It’s a very flexible programing system. You supply the Internet Ethernet Connection at your end.

Our Charges are very low, your cost is $50.00 a month plus 4 min per hour for our Network Commercial Time.

Compare this to the cost of hiring DJ’s.  Priced to keep you on the air.  Call or e-mail The HCS Radio Network.  (631) 407-5608

Your Choice Of Oldies, “Rock ’n ‘ Roll” or 

The Best Darn “Country Music”

Forward your Listener Phone Line to The HCS Radio Network. Let the HCS DJ’s entertain and take requests for Birthday Greetings, Births and Weddings and special events to announce on the AIR. 

Don’t let your station go dark, stay on the air by reducing costs thru 

The HCS Radio Network.

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